The fabric manufacturing unit is a vertically integrated facility located in the cotton-growing belt of India, in the city named Yavatmal. The facility is geographically located close to the zero-mile of India and is logistically well connected.

With a capacity of 44 million meters per annum, the facility envisions delivering tailor-made and innovative denim fabric to worldwide customers. The facility is equipped with the latest machinery and value-adding processes that create trend-setting denim. The campus has a modern, 100% biological effluent treatment plant with zero liquid discharge. With the flagship green environment initiative, the campus has more than 70.000 trees and is surrounded by a lush green landscape.

The company has housing facilities, a guest house, recreational and sports facilities within the campus. Every year, a series of CSR initiatives are hosted within and outside the campus.



Primary step in yarn spinning where quality controlled cotton bales are opened up to remove impurities. All machines are equipped with metal detectors and PP contamination clearers.


The input lap from blowroom is transformed to card sliver wherein neps & short fibers are removed


The card sliver is passed through breaker and finisher draw frame where fibers are laid parallel to each other.


The drawframe silver is drafted to make it suitable for yarn spinning. Further the delivered fiber strand is imparted slight twist to hold the fibers & wound on to the bobbins.


The final stage in yarn spinning where the roving is drafted and imparted with optimum twist to form a yarn.
Ring frames are also fitted with attachments to manufacture high-end core spun yarns and dual core yarns


Winding machines are equipped with very sensitive electronic yarn clearers to remove spinning faults, weak places and PP contaminations in the yarn


The warping machines produces warp beams and ball warps as feed material for dyeing range. These machines are fitted with auto thread-break stop motion and tension controls


The manufacturing facility houses both slasher & rope dyeing technologies. All the dyeing machines are equipped with automatic dosing and flow controllers essential for consistent shade


Denim fabric is formed with the interlacement of warp & weft. The weaving shed can produce complex and fancy designs with the help of dobby & Jacquard looms. The shuttle loom helps to recreate the vintage denims with classical selvedge


The fabric is pre-shrunk for dimensional stability. Well-equipped state-of-the-art machineries capable to produce endless value added finishes like peaching, calendering, relaxing, printing, foam coating, water/oil repellent finish, anti-microbial finish etc


Unique numbers are generated for each roll which are traceable through the manufacturing process by an ERP system

process control

The well-equipped testing laboratory checks the quality of material at every stage of manufacturing and also monitors the processes for effectiveness, consistency and optimization. Lab is accredited by leading brands and accreditation bodies for quality and precision testing

warehouse dispatch

The rolls are stored in segregated sections and are monitored through computers for easy traceability and smooth flow of material for despatch of goods.