To complete the vertical supply chain and offer complete denim solutions to fashion forward customers, in 2005 a state-of-the art denim-wear facility ‘Everblue Apparel Ltd.'(EBAL) was set up in an integrated textile park near Bengaluru, India.

It's spread over a 14 acres plot, with facilities in accordance with the best international standards.

Everblue is engaged in designing and production of limited edition super-premium jeans for top fashion brands


Design and Development

Dedicated team for new and ingenious product development for multiple buyers. Denim technicians are always experimenting with various development techniques to bring to the table a whole new set of ideas-turned-reality

Pattern making & Cutting

Cutting is the primary stage in the garmenting process and it utilises advanced systems like CAD section and CAM cutting, where computers are used to produce and develop patterns.


Specific parts like pockets, waist band and yoke are sent to printing and embroidery where customer-specific motifs are added to the garment.


High-end; machines and in-house trained operators on the sewing lines miniscule detailing and perfection to every garment.

Dry Process

Laser process, G2 Ozone, Resin 3D and Sustainable spray helps the denim garment achieve the 'used look'.


Our laundry is equipped with the most modern technologies like HMS Stone Wash, Laccase Enzyme Wash, Cold Pigment Dyeing, random Wash and Ice Wash to achieve desired effects.

Speciality Machines

The automated special machines like Auto pocket hemmers, Auto-pocket setters, Auto pocket creasing, Auto Deco Stitch Machines, Auto Loop Setters –provide perfection and precision to every garment.


Finishing section involves activities like thread trimming, checking & ironing. The folding, tagging & packing of garments are done in the packing section of the finishing department.

Quality Assurance

Internal quality control is led by qualified & experienced experts, every product undergoes vigorous quality checks under a strict quality system. Our quality control process is certified by leading brands and retailers including Levi’s, Guess, Jack & Jones and many more.


At the showroom, our design team displays their expertise by showcasing the latest styles, designs and seasonal collections.

Virtual Showroom

The virtual showroom hosts buyers' meetings at the convenience of their location in order to showcase the latest developed styles and finishes.